Israel 2019


Shalom Friend!

We are so excited to invite you on an intimate journey through the Bible... IN ISRAEL!


This transforming adventure will encourage you to hear God’s voice through the pages of scripture in cities like Canaan, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee and even float in the Dead Sea! Experience the Bible come alive as we discuss truths from the Old and New Testaments relevant to us today

Imagine yourself walking down the same streets as Jesus or standing in a cave where David fled from Saul or on the sea of Galilee and learning how their stories written in antiquity can still speak to our modernity. 

During our 9-day journey we will have daily teachings by Matt and Bianca Olthoff, eat amazing food, and find time to adventure in Holy Land.

Our Holy Land Experience is not just a tour, but an intimate experience designed to change your life. It’s more than just information; this is transformation. This trip is your guide in unlocking life-changing defining moments to hear from God. 

Our adventure will include:

  • Beautiful 4-5 star accommodations
  • Baptisms in the Jordan River
  • Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • Private cooking class in Jerusalem
  • Outdoor picnic and wine tour in Canaan region
  • City exploration with trained guides
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Daily Bible studies and experiences
  • Optional excursions or leisure time to explore independently
  • Don’t miss this life changing opportunity. 

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Bianca Juarez Olthoff