How to Have Your Life Not Suck: Becoming Today Who You Want to Be Tomorrow


Play With Fire will encourage you to discover who God is and transform you into who He created you to be. 

Play with Fire is the reminder that God isn’t waiting until you have more resources or a spouse or a job so He can use you. He’s ready to use you now! Using the mythical story of the Phoenix and the and the historical account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, she parallels this story with God’s work in her own life, highlighting the beauty of reinvention with fire as both the impetus and the method for change. Yes, we serve a God who is redemptive and can take the worst situations and use them for His glory.

Play with Fire will help you discover:

The way out of the middle is moving forward
The personal and powerful nature of the Holy Spirit
The power and sacrifice of transformation
The unique calling and purpose of life involves transformation

With Bianca’s distinct style, strong storytelling gifts, and powerful bible teaching, Play With Fire will remind readers that God has huge dreams for them. In Bianca’s words,

“He’s whispering in the wind and speaking through the fire and shouting in silence the extraordinary dream He is birthing in you. His dream for you is far greater than the dream you have for yourself. It’s not your identity or income or influence that will make this happen. Like Zechariah 4:6 says, ‘It’s not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.”

It’s time to play with fire.